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Schenk Consulting Investment Management performs complex real property transactions in accordance with international standards on behalf of investors. Basing on investor‘s investment strategies and purchase criteria, we acquire real property in the desired investment structure in a target-oriented manner, perform purchase and evaluation processes, and secure supervision of real property assets.

This complex transaction service will be performed within the following four phases:

Acquisition Phase

  • Pre-selection and acquisition of suitable real estate through various networks in accordance with the investors´ investment strategies and purchase criteria and his determination of a portfolio structure
  • Qualifying selected real estate in terms of legal availability

Due Diligence Phase

A Due Diligence forms the basis of a decision in real property transactions.

We carry out such Due Diligence Process according to strict standards and see the property with the eyes of an investor.

During the Due Diligence Process competent partners with long-term experience and great technical expertise are available to us which are used in and applied to all areas of Due Diligence, including the legal aspects.

The Scope of Due Diligence covers the following segments:

  • Market DD
  • Legal DD
  • Tax DD
  • Technical DD
  • Environmental DD
  • Financial DD

Purchasing Phase

  • Strukturing of contracts
  • Notarization
  • Legal transfer of objects

Purchasing Phase

  • Securing supervision of purchased real estate by facility and property management from well renowned companies
  • Master controlling by Schenk Consulting focusing on strategic, value oriented management