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Taking-over of personal responsibility

Each individual shall account for its own scope of responsibility by high technical competence, readiness to perform, constructive actions and loyalty.


Tight and flexible management of company-related processes

The management shall at any time have under its control any company-related processes and has to give impulses required for necessary changes.


Our customer is the focus of our thinking and acting

That means to make the customer the center of all activities, to fulfill his expectations and accordingly to win and stabilize his confidence and trust in our performance.


Generating of secure and sustainable proceeds for our customers

When selecting investment products, we take care that these are in accordance with the investor’s investment strategies, and we manage the investment in a professional manner according to international standards.


Stand out against competitors

That means to be convincing due to high technical skills, reliability, a broad range of services and high innovativeness.


We are a learning enterprise

We have to be able to implement new knowledge, findings and insights in order to improve our company processes.


Open communication

There should be open-minded and constructive communication between employees and persons involved in a project.


Invest in the future

That means to align research and development with the future market and to invest accordingly, as well as to further our employees’ qualification and readiness to perform by suitable measures of further training and qualification.


Competent networks

Competent partners will be interlinked through existing networks for individual project performances.